Go Green with Silver

Need another reason to purchase an Original Silver Tree for your home or office? How about the PLANET? Every year tens of millions of artificial trees are imported from China to the U.S. for sale during the holidays. These trees are made with many toxins including poisonous chemicals like lead and PVC which can not be recycled and will NEVER breakdown in a landfill.

The Original Silver Tree is made entirely of safe materials, safe for the environment and 100% recyclable including the stand, base and branches! Make the right choice for you and the planet this year with an Original Silver Tree form Yuletide Expressions.

The Truth About Plastic Artificial Christmas Trees:

  • Approximately 30 million artificial trees made of PVC will be imported in 2008.
  • Artificial trees are manufactured using a polyvinyl chloride (or PVC), which is a petroleum-derived plastic. The raw material for fake Christmas trees is both non-renewable and polluting.
  • In order to make the PVC needles on artificial trees more malleable, the manufacturers use lead and other additives that have been linked to liver, kidney, neurological, and reproductive system damage in lab studies on animals.
  • Manufacture of PVC creates and disperses dioxins, the most toxic man-made chemical known.
  • Released into air or water, dioxins enter the food chain, where they accumulate in fatty tissues of animals and humans, a potential risk for causing cancer, damaging immune functions and impairing children's development.
  • Artificial trees are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable - they are here forever, unless burned which release toxic chemicals into the air.
  • 85% of all artificial Christmas trees come from China and many actually are required to carry a warning label due to the lead content.

Go Green with Silver

Retro-chic and saves the planet… what more could you want?

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